In order to continue our mission of collaborating with composers and bringing new works to life, we need your help! Your donations will give audiences far and wide the opportunity to enjoy these pieces for generations to come!

Your Donations Help to Fund:

  • New Commissions and Collaborations
  • Future Performances, including our original concert series: THEY’RE ALIVE!
  • Professional Recordings
  • and much much more!

What YOU receive

Donations $25 and above: 1 free download of our first professional CD, THEY’RE ALIVE!, plus your name on our website

Donations $50 and above: 1 free download AND hard copy of our first professional CD, THEY’RE ALIVE!, plus your name on our website

Donations $100 and above: all of the above, plus sponsorship opportunities for our annual THEY’RE ALIVE! concerts

And above all, knowing that you are helping to keep classical music alive!

Washington Square Winds is now a sponsored artist with The Field, a not-for-profit, tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization serving the performing arts community!

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation via The Field.


Thank you to all of our donors!

The Alpern Foundation
Rosemarie Freitag
Galina Khitrova
Ron and Deb Plotkin
Daniel Remin
Jonathan Senker
Jon Tannenbaum
Alexander Weiser
Stephen and Diane Weitzman
Chadborne Whiting

The Alpern Foundation
Alexander Bryson
Ron and Deb Plotkin

Rose and Jeff Cann
Neil Hoffman
Mr. Frederick Miller
Melissa Moreland
Andrew Romay
Gabriella Sperry
Craig Whiting

Thank you to all of our Rockethub Supporters for helping us create our first professional CD!

$250 and above
Bill Cronan
Chad Whiting

$100 and above
April Azul
Debbie Conlon
Casey Cronan
Victoria Cronan
Elaine Cronan
Cele Cronan
Kelly Cronan
Louisa Eiermann
Bill Freitag
Meryl Hoffman
Karen Newman
Jason Slaughter
Matt Sullivan
Geralyn Tagatac

$50 and above
Myra Cronan
Thomas Deneuville
Rosemarie Freitag
Matt Giannotti
Amanda Holpuch
Phil Koonce
Eric Lenier Ives
Galina Pavlova
Ron Plotkin
Alvin Plotkin
Rachael Plotkin
Stuart and Paula Plotkin
Gustavo Rodriguez
Nancy Simonetti
Donna Torres
Jane Tuv
Stephen and Diane Weitzman
Craig Whiting

$10 and above
Kathy Birnstill
Jenni Brandon
Elliot Cole
Matthew Cole
Megan Conlon
Harley Diamond
Janette Edelberg
Vera Fichtelberg
Marilyn Flath
Alyssa Freitag
Cathleen Freitag
Chris Freitag
Matt Frey
Charley Gerard
Ilya Gogish
Marisa Gomez-Mozo
Allison Heim
Jill Holpuch
Dina Kinariwal
James Klatsky
Melody Loveless
Jamibeth Margolis
Philip Miller
Finn Miller
David Minelli
Michael Peshkin
Marcy & Arnie Pransky
Joe Rella
Sheri Robbins
Jon Rodnon
Joseph Rubin
William Ryan
Iris Schiff
Nancy and Ira Shankman
Daryll Stevens
Elisabeth Stimpert
Francis Toriaga
Kirsten Volness
William Wheeler
Amy Yamashiro


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