We offer diverse performances featuring music composed around the world, from 1700 to the present day. Our group also loves incorporating other mediums into our performances, such as vocals (The Fisherman and His Wife & 12 Windows) and puppetry and theatrics in our production of Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf. Our biggest performance of the year is THEY’RE ALIVE!, a series that features innovative works by living composers.

You can click here for some of our sample programs and below is a list of our most popular repertoire.

* premiered by WSW
^ Composed for WSW

Composer Title Composition Date
Enrico Arcaro The Calling*^ 2016
Wayne Alpern Serenade for Winds*^ 2016
Elizabeth Egan Demain*^ 2016
Danny Leo Cirque Du Sinistre*^ 2016
Tim Kiah Three Memories*^ 2016
Stephanie Ann Boyd Galliard*^ 2015
Brian Erickson and so i did…*^ 2015
Nicky Sohn Woodwind Quintet No II, Waves of Life*^ 2015
Nicholas Hall Whirlwind* 2014
Rex Isenberg The People’s Park*^ 2013
Alex Weiser Wind 2013
Derek M. Jenkins Quintet for Winds No. 1 2012
arr. Elyssa Plotkin Lebedik un Freylekh*^ arr. 2012
Dean Rosenthal I Think So, Too*^ arr. 2012
Doug Balliett 12 Windows*^ 2011, arr 2014
Elliot Cole, arr Doug Balliett The Fisherman and His Wife 2011
Douglas Fisk Woodwind Quintet 2011
arr. Michael A. Garman Video Game Entourage*^ arr. 2011
arr. Melody Loveless Such Great Heights*^ arr. 2011
Max Orland Dogfight* 2011
William Wheeler City Variations 2011
Enrico Arcaro Monograph*^ 2010
Thomas Deneuville A Better Collapse 2010
Matt Frey Sums of Parts 2010
Paul Moravec Wind Quintet 2010
Alexander S. Yellen Portrait of the Park 2006
Charley Gerard Hangin’ Out* 2004
Sonia Megias López Pequeña Suite Peninsular 2004
Eric Malmquist Variations 2004
Kirsten Volness Tower of the Wind 2004
Jenni Brandon Five Frogs 2002
Shabtai Petrushka And Rejoice 1982
György Ligeti Sechs Bagatellen 1953
Luciano Berio Opus Number Zoo 1951, rev 1970
Malcom Arnold Three Shanties 1943
Sergei Prokofiev/ arr: Cramer Peter and the Wolf 1939
Darius Milhaud La Cheminée Du Roi René 1939
Paul Hindemith Kleine Kammermusik 1922
Edvard Moritz Quintet, Op 41 1907
Anatoly Liadov Eight Russian Folksongs 1906
N. Rimsky-­Korsakov Flight of the Bumblebee 1899
Paul Taffanel Quintette in G minor 1876
Franz Danzi Quintet, Op. 56 in Bb Major 1821
Anton Reicha Quintet, Op. 88 in Eb Major 1818



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